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Tips for Protecting Your Vehicle Battery During the Summer

Tips for Protecting Your Vehicle Battery During the Summer

You probably have experienced the awful moment when your car fails to start. Although you may equate these experiences to a dead battery to the chilly winter temperatures, the summer months are tougher. The life expectancy of batteries in cold climates is 51 months, but those in warm temperatures are 30 months. Your car battery starts discharging on its own within 24 hours, something that takes many days in cold winter. Therefore, you may wake up to a dead battery in scorching conditions. Below are tips for helping you protect your battery during summer: Tips for Ensuring Your Car Battery Stays Safe this summer Keeping the Battery Cool It will help to park your car in a cool or shaded area because heat drains the battery. Also, putting your vehicle in a cool place will ensure the interior is cooler when you enter. Increasing Driving Time Driving short distances slowly kills your car's battery because the alternator requires time to recharge the battery after it is started. W ... read more

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