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5 Signs Of A Bad Transmission

5 Signs Of A Bad Transmission

Transmissions have a lot of parts that are constantly moving, no matter if they are automatic or manual. That means that problems are something that can't be avoided. If you want to catch such problems before they become serious, continue reading because we will share five signs of a failing transmission. 1. Clutch Pedal Is Feeling Strange One of the most obvious signs connected to transmission problems is a soft or spongy clutch pedal. If you start to feel this happen with your car, make sure to visit a repair shop ASAP. When ignored, it can result in a disconnection between the clutch and transmission, which can cause dangerous situations on the road. 2. Acceleration Takes Longer When your car accelerates, half of the work is done by your transmission.  Shifting gears up or down causes the engine to work at its most optimal gear ratio. This is all done by the transmission, especially if it's automatic because it does all of the switc ... read more

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