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5 Signs Your Brakes Need Attention

5 Signs Your Brakes Need Attention

There are five telltale signs that your brakes may need some attention. Knowing what to look for can avoid potential brake issues and ensure a safe journey every time you hit the road. 1. Squealing or Grinding Noises One of the most common signs that your brakes need attention is the presence of unusual noises. If you hear a high-pitched squeal or grinding sound when you apply the brakes, the brake pads are likely worn down and in need of replacement. Ignoring these sounds can further damage your brake system and compromise your safety on the road. 2. Vibrations or Pulsations Have you ever felt your steering wheel or brake pedal vibrating when you apply the brakes? This sensation, known as brake pulsation, is often a sign of warped brake rotors. Warped rotors can result from excessive heat buildup during braking or prolonged use without proper mainten ... read more

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