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Common Engine Cooling System Problems

Common Engine Cooling System Problems

The vehicle’s cooling system plays a pivotal part in keeping your engine operational. Every single component in the system works together to prevent your car from overheating. The motor produces a ton of heat, and it needs the cooling system to absorb and transfer the heat elsewhere.  What Are the Main Parts of the Cooling System? Water Pump  Radiator  Thermostat Hoses Coolant/Antifreeze Over time, the cooling system will wear down. Hoses may break, radiator caps may become damaged, and the water pump may fail. Ultimately, you don’t want any of these to happen because there will be an insufficient amount of coolant in the engine. When coolant leaks, it can put your engine at risk of overheating and breakdown.  To prevent a catastrophic event from happening, you must have preventative maintenance performed on your car. By taking some time to inspect the cooling system and service the fluid, you can avoid major trouble.  What Kind of Maintena ... read more

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