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10 Signs of a Faulty Alternator

10 Signs of a Faulty Alternator

The alternator plays a crucial role in keeping your vehicle going. When your alternator falters, it sends signals that, if detected early, can save you from being stranded on the roadside. Here are several signs that your car might be sending when its alternator is struggling: 1. Dimming Lights One of the first signs of an ailing alternator is dimming headlights. If you notice your lights flickering or becoming noticeably dimmer, it could indicate a drop in electrical power, often traced back to the alternator. 2. Warning Light on the Dashboard Modern vehicles are equipped with warning lights for various systems, including the charging system. If the battery or alternator light on your dashboard illuminates, it's a clear indication that your alternator might be underperforming. 3. Strange Noises A healthy alternator operates silently, but a failing one may produce grinding or whining noises. These sounds can result from worn ... read more

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