What Can Drain a Car Battery?

A dead car battery can be highly bothersome, but there are ways to avoid it most of the time. To help prevent your battery from dying, you first have to know what causes it to drain. Set those jumper cables aside and check out these six things that can explain why your vehicle's battery keeps falling.


You Forget to Turn Your Headlights Off

If your battery keeps draining, the first thing you should check are your vehicle lights. Many new cars nowadays have headlights designed to turn off automatically. But if your automobile doesn't have this setting, your headlights may stay on until you either turn them off or till your battery is completely dead.


Your Battery Connections Are Loose or Corroded

The positive and negative terminals found on your battery can sometimes get loose or corroded over time. If your terminals become compromised, you may have trouble starting the vehicle because your battery can't correctly transmit power! You can stop corrosion from happening by regularly cleaning your battery terminals.


Extremely Hot or Cold Temperatures

Both freezing temperatures and hot scorching weather may cause issues for your battery. Newer batteries are likely to have more resistance to harsh climates. But if your battery is old, extreme cold or heat could weaken its performance or even cause it to deplete entirely. 


Failing Alternator 

Your vehicle relies on your battery to start the engine. But when your car is running, your battery depends on the alternator to keep it charged. If your alternator isn't functioning correctly, it can't power your battery effectively, which can ultimately drain your battery.


Your Drives Are Too Short

Firing up the engine takes a considerable amount of power from your battery. If you're constantly going on short drives, the alternator might not have sufficient time to recharge your battery between your trips. Too frequent short trips can lead to premature aging of your battery.


If you can't relate to any of the scenarios above, your battery might just be getting old. Just like any other car part, your battery needs replacing at one point or another. If you are exhausted from bringing out the jumper cables every time you start your car, you can come to Brazzeal Automotive to get your battery tested. Our certified technicians can tell you how healthy your battery is and how much life is left in it. And if it's time for a new one, we'll install one that perfectly fits your vehicle. Give us a call or visit our shop in Tampa, FL, today.


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