How Much Time Do You Need to Change a Flat Tire?

Are you driving on a flat tire? If so, you have the least traction and control over your vehicle, and you may get into an accident or cause further damage to your vehicle. Now that you're in such a compromising situation, how long will it take to change your tires and better your safety?

A fast tire change is ideal because it will get you out of the busy highway and far from possible accidents. Changing your vehicle's flat tire may take an estimated 15 – 30 minutes. The actual time depends on whether you've got assistance and the right skills and tools.

So, which tools do you need for a fast tire change?

Having the right tools may help you quickly change your flat tire. However, you should also have the proper tire-changing skills for a quick change. Here is a list of some essential tools that you'll need;

  • A jack
  • Inflated spare tire
  • Reflective triangle
  • Lug wrench
  • A tire change manual
  • And some wedges, a flashlight, gloves, and an overall or poncho if it is dark and raining

Procedural steps for a quick tire change

Ideally, find an appropriate stopping place without making any sudden braking. Slow your vehicle and find a safe spot. After that, turn off your engine and inspect your car. It would help if you chose a flat and straight stretch because it's easy and safe to change a tire in such an area. If all is well, consult your vehicle's manual and perform the following steps.

  1. Switch on the hazard lights and apply parking brakes to alert other road users and stabilize your car
  2. Set up wheel wedge barriers for the rest of the tires to prevent vehicle movements
  3. Set the reflective triangles behind and in front of your vehicle
  4. Remove the hubcap or wheel covers
  5. Loosen the nuts on the tires
  6. Put a jack under your vehicle's chassis and raise it
  7. Unscrew the nuts and remove the tire that needs to get changed
  8. Place the spare tire in position and tighten the nuts on the lug bolts
  9. Lower your vehicle and tighten the nuts to a firm hold
  10. Put the hubcap in place once the car gets lowered properly
  11. Place the flat tire in your vehicle's trunk and stow your tools

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