Driving Safety Tips for Labor Day

Labor day is a three-day weekend, where most families and friends get together to squeeze out one last summer trip. With parties, BBQs, vacations, and other activities going on, there will be many driving hazards present. To help make your Labor Day plans go smoothly, here are some safety tips to help you plan for the traffic ahead of time.

  • Have important documentation on hand - You’ll need to double check that you have your insurance, license, and other essential papers onboard with you.
  • Check for traffic beforehand - With the traffic being extra congested in Tampa on the holiday weekend, it is best to be prepared by looking at the GPS traffic conditions before heading out the door. You should look for alternative routes just in case there’s a traffic jam, crash, or construction on your normal route.
  • Always use your seat belt - This goes without saying, but we want to remind you that you and your passengers should have your seat belt on at all times. It is the law after all.
  • Don’t speed - Speeding is not only dangerous, but it can cost you time and money if you get pulled over. Overall, avoid speeding altogether. 
  • Keep a safe distance - When driving, please make sure you don’t follow the car in front of you too closely. Leave some distance between so that you can brake accordingly.
  • Have a DD - If you plan on drinking over the holiday, make sure you have a designated driver or alternate plan to get where you need to go safely. Never drink and drive!

You can almost always expect extreme congestion over the Labor Day weekend in the Tampa area. With millions of drivers on the road, we hope you get to your destination safely. If you need your car, SUV, or truck inspected before a big trip, we invite you to bring it to Brazzeal Automotive.

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