Been in a Car Accident - What Do I Do Next?

Being involved in a road accident is a very traumatic experience. Normally people are in shock and may not know what to do. Here are a few steps to follow when you have been in a car accident.

Check for Injuries

Calm down and check your body for any injuries focusing on the places that you feel pain. If you can't move or feel a lot of pain when you try to, call the police and wait for medical personnel to help you.

Check on the Others

If you are able to move without pain, check on the others involved in the accident. If any are injured, help them if possible or call the emergency medical services for help.

Move to Safety

Move yourself and your car to a safer spot if possible. This may be the side of the road. Do not forget to turn on your hazard lights to notify any incoming traffic.

Call the Police

Always make sure you call the police when you are in an accident. Call the police even if the accident is minor. Explain what happened and try to give as many details as possible. This will help them know what to expect and help them know how to respond.

Exchange Information

All drivers involved in the accident should exchange information.
What Information do I Exchange?

  • Names of all those involved.
  • Contact information of all casualties.
  • Insurance information.
  • Drivers license.
  • Car license plates.

Collect Information and Document the Accident

Information about what happened is very crucial. Make sure you talk to those who witnessed the accident for details. Other road users and bystanders can provide you with necessary information.
Get the names and badge numbers of all officers that respond to the scene. Get a copy of the accident report and take pictures and videos of the scene.

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