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What Does the ABS Warning Light Mean?

What Does the ABS Warning Light Mean?

Seeing a warning light on your car's control panel can be stressful, and these lights should never be ignored. The issue could be minor, or it could be a much larger system. When it comes to your ABS light, you want to fix the problem immediately. What does it mean when it comes on? What is ABS? When you hear a mechanic refer to ABS, they are referring to your car's anti-lock braking system. When there is an issue with your ABS, a light appears that looks like the letters AB inside a circle. There are a few reasons why this light comes on. What Causes an ABS Light to Come On The ABS sensors monitor how the brakes are functioning based on wheel rotation speeds. When there is an abnormal reading, the light appears indicating the brakes are not working effectively. Other reasons the light appears include: Low Brake Fluid Levels: Low levels of brake fluid affect the way your brake system works, making them less effective. Blown Fuse: A blown fuse can cause your ABS light to c ... read more

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