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What Are the Benefits of Synthetic Oil?

What Are the Benefits of Synthetic Oil?

Synthetic engine oil is comprised of petroleum along with organic and inorganic elements. The chemical make-up of synthetic oil is engineered to be more complex than the ones found in conventional oil. The additives in synthetic oils are purer, making the formula more consistent. Whereas the ingredients found in traditional oil are lower in quality, requiring more frequent oil changes.   Did you know that more than half of modern vehicles use synthetic or semi-synthetic oil over conventional oil? Experts say that synthetic oil has certain advantages, including that it's thinner, lubricates better, and is more durable, making it prone to resist high heat and pressures. You should consider synthetic oil if: You favor less frequent oil changes or often forget to obtain service until the recommended interval has passed. You own a high-performance vehicle or drive in severe conditions resulting in a higher than average amount of heat. You are an eco-conscious individual and pr ... read more

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