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Signs of Bad Axles

Signs of Bad Axles

Your vehicle's axles are rods or shafts that rotate the wheels and support the car's weight. Additionally, they can impact your driving, steering, and braking. Traditionally, car axles are intended to last a very long time; some will last the vehicle's entire life. However, the previous statement only holds true if the axle remains undamaged. Because your axles are constantly moving and flexing to accommodate you and the road conditions, they are put under a lot of stress from their strenuous activity.   Below are some ways to tell whether your vehicle's axles are giving out: Loud sounds: Often, drivers will hear clicking sounds when turning their vehicle. Clunking and growling sounds may also be a sign of weak axles. Leaking oil: You may see a greasy substance near the vehicle's tires, steering parts, or suspension components due to a fractured or damaged CV boot. Please take your car to the repair shop immediately if this is the case. Car vibrations: A d ... read more

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