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Are Brake Fluid Flushes Necessary?

Are Brake Fluid Flushes Necessary?

While everyone knows the basics of an oil change, most drivers have no idea what a brake fluid flush is. If your vehicle has a hydraulic braking system, it relies on brake fluid to facilitate the entire braking mechanism. Therefore, a brake fluid flush is a mechanical service provided by Brazzeal Automotive to remove dirty brake fluid from your vehicle's system and replenish it with clean brake fluid. The secret to getting the best and most effective braking is by having a brake fluid flush, using high-quality brake fluid. Why Is Brake Fluid Flush Necessary for My Car? The brake system is the most crucial system in your vehicle when it comes to safety. Brake fluid is used for the brake system because it will not easily break down under high pressure or temperatures. However, brake fluid is hygroscopic, meaning it has a water weakness. If water contaminates and dilutes your brake fluid, it will ultimately lower the brake fluid's boiling point and overall effectiveness. To pre ... read more

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