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Fuzzy Headlights? - Here's a Quick Fix

Fuzzy Headlights? - Here's a Quick Fix

If you're a person who likes their car clean, then you probably know the frustration of fuzzy or oxidized headlights. The problem with blurry headlights isn't just that they are visually unappealing, but faint lights also impact your visibility during night drives.    In the past, vehicle headlights in older model cars were made of glass. However, the headlights on modern cars have evolved and been designed with a very tough plastic called polycarbonate plastic. While this heavy-duty plastic is sturdy, it's permeable. They come with a protective film, but with wear and tear, the layer can become damaged. With damage, the porous material will become oxidized.    Before attempting all the DIYs you find on the internet, you must figure out whether the oxidation is inside or outside your headlight. If the imperfection is on the outside of your headlight, follow the easy instructions below to remove the oxidation. If the damage occurred on the inside of t ... read more

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