Emergency Kit Must-Haves

A very useful and important thing to have in your car is an emergency kit. Whether for small patch-ups or big car accidents, it can help you quite a lot. There are even some life saving items in the kit, like an epinephrine pen. But what exactly should you put in there, and how often should you restock? To help you decide, we have put together a short list of must-have emergency kit items that should be carried with you even on your shortest trips and drives.

Two Epinephrine Pen

An epinephrine pen is used in cases of an allergic reaction and relieves it for a short period. It can save lives, and that's a fact, but why two? The reason for carrying two is to make sure you have a reserve in case one of them fails. Even if you are not allergic to anything, make sure to get two or more just so you are ready for everything.


Bandages of all shapes and sizes are welcome in your emergency kit. They can come in handy for a lot of things, so make sure to pack a lot of them. Purchasing them is as easy as going to any pharmacy or big-box store.


Tourniquets are very useful when someone is bleeding profusely and needs it to stop. They are easy to use, but they have specific areas where they are placed, so make sure to read the instructions before using one.


Disinfectants are used to sterilize and clean wounds or even little scratches. Make sure to carry a bottle of hydrogen peroxide, for example, so you can treat the wound before wrapping it in bandages.

Emergency Triangle

An emergency triangle is a collapsible, three-sided shape made out of some sort of reflective material that is placed on the side of the road as an indicator. While it won't be used to treat someone, it will provide information to drivers on the road that something is happening ahead. Is very useful, especially in low-visibility situations, such as around turns or in bad weather.

And if your vehicle also needs some emergency procedures or is a little bit scratched up, make sure to stop by our shop! Visit us at Brazzeal Automotive, and we will patch up everything for you.

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